Product Name : FLOVIT
Release Date : 2/9/2016
Product Type : Fertilizer and Agricultural Poison
Release Date : 2/9/2016
Product Type : Fertilizer and Agricultural Poison
Brief of product :
Plants need nutrients for enough growth.These nutrients usually are not suficient in the soil, or their absorption

are limited thus these nutrients that have been called fertilizers should be given to the plants.

In the most orchards and fields all over the country ,because of high soil pH , much lime in the soil, and high consumption of phosphate fertilizers, the absorption of micronutrients through soil have hit the problems decreasing the quality and quantity of plants and their products.

Sparying nutrients (macro and micro) such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, Manganese, Copper, and Boron can suply soil deficiency. This application is easy to ues, not fixed elements in the soil, and economical rather than soil fertilizers. These are the benefits of liquid fertilizer spraying (flovit fertilizers).

There are two kind of Flovit fertilizers, solid and liquid ones. The advantages of Felovit liquid foliar fertilization are:

1. High absorption through the leaves

2.Reliable nutrition with the mixed elements formulation (with the optimum elements balance)

3.Having high and rapid absorption

4.Reduce the use of fertilizers amounts

5.Reducing enviromental pollution rather than soil fertilizers

7.increasing growth and improving product quality and quantity

8.Reducing the use of soil fertilizers

9.Reducing the destruction of soil structure
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