Product Name : citrus health manager (harvest , storage, fruit health maintenance)
Release Date : 1/7/2016
Product Type : book
Release Date : 1/7/2016
Product Type : book
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Although all govermental and private sectors organizations'efforts in the feiled of horticultural knowledege , traditional thoughs, lack of new citrus variaties, inaccessibility of healthy seedlings, shortage of management program from planting until harvesting and fruit storage caused inavoiadable disorders.lf production situation will be not corrected not only the yiled is not increased but also the export is decreased too.thus the consortium in addition to adminestrative duties , try to train farmers through specialization courses , regional conferences and exhibitions, compilation and publication supplies, and educational books.the publishing book has been listed before is in line with this policy uptodating the knowkedge of farmers scientifically and practically.the book is uptodating
Storage , and packing
Improving the quality of various citrus fruits
The ues of disinfectants and biological methods
Uesing the new way of controlling decay
Cheching out Physiological effects of a citrus fruits

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