Creating and strengthening the groups is quality of modern societies. This topic is the most important quality in producing activities which is highlighted in Gardening.
In past years by collecting citrus fruits in different cities of Mazandaran province positive and effective steps are taken by group of establishers in Gardening in different cities. Essential actions for taking legal permission in cooperatives consortium is done that take dreams of circuit fruit gardeners into action and Mr. Mohammad Raza Shaabani as chief executive officer in Mazandaran gardener's cooperatives consortium. cooperatives consortium is made by trying of companies of community in different cities of province in Bahman, 1385.
For establishing central consortium first steps were taken and finally at 10/ 3/ 1386 the consortium established and registered. The aim of making gardener's cooperatives consortium was supporting of Gardening productions in whole cities of Mazandaran province.
Now gardener's cooperatives consortium is using 200000 hectares, with 18000 members and 13 companies that we will introduce them as in Members Introduction part.
Plant pests and diseases diagnostic Laboratory of Mazandaran gardener's cooperatives consortium :

The laboratory has extended facilities and gives advices in problems about plant protection. By improving the agricultural facilities to improve production and qualities of agricultural and horticultural production in 2013 by formal and legal certificate from Iranian Plant Protection Organization and started working at Mazandaran gardener's cooperatives consortium.
This laboratory by using fixed personnel in plant pathology, plant pests’ detection and consolers in gardening and the nutrition, help gardeners to improve facilities and knowledge in managing fruit trees pests and diseases based on organic agricultural ways. The experts check signs and symptoms of various disorders and test the suspicious samples by biochemical, serological and molecular methods for accurate detection of the causal agents. The samples are brought by respectable gardeners or collected by the laboratory experts. Control of the disorders is based on integrated pests management, specially biological control, and pesticides or chemical compounds usage are always the last recommendation. Those are given as diagnostic notes or fact sheets as papers to farmers and they can be used and performed in their orchards.
Guaranteeing and using modern equipments
The most important detection techniques in the laboratory:
  • Selected media for bacterial and fungal plant diseases.
  • Biochemical tests for fastidious plant diseases.
  • Serological experiments with focusing on different techniques of ELISA for viruses and virus-like diseases by using poly and monoclonal antibodies.
  • Molecular ways for focusing on techniques based on PCR for accurate diagnosis of viruses strains, viroids and phytoplasmas.
  • SDS-PAGE for special cases if it will be need.
  • CF-11 column chromatography for the dsRNAs pattern quantification.
  • Microscopic studies for plant nematodes pathogen and primary detection of fungal and bacterial diseases.

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